Grist Mill Exchange
for Data Providers

Become an elite data provider for government customers without needing contracting expertise.

Not sure that you have the time, know-how or resources to license your commercial data to government customers? A single listing on our data marketplace makes it simple to reach many government customers in one place.


Avoid the Procurement Maze

Let our team worry about the intricacies of government procurements for you. Selling to government agencies is no easy task, especially when each has unique requirements.

No Fee to Participate

There's no fee to participate on the Grist Mill Exchange and list your datasets. We only make money when you make money.

Expert Advice for Government Sales

Our data curation team is intimately familiar with government customers and their unique requirements. Leverage their guidance to create listings that are on point and effective.

Flexible Listing Options

One-time purchases, periodic or continuous feeds, and more allow you to license datasets to hundreds of government customers through a single marketplace.

Your IP is Protected from Competitors

Privacy is paramount on the Grist Mill Exchange. Competitors will never see your datasets, pricing, or even know of your participation on the Mill.

Legitimate Customers Only

You can be sure that people inquiring about your datasets are verified customers.

How it Works

As soon as you become an approved provider, you can begin listing your datasets on the Mill. You'll walk you through the process of describing and categorizing your available datasets, uploading schemas and samples, and specifying pricing options - everything a customer needs to make a well-informed purchase decision. Our team of seasoned government experts will review your listings, offer suggested edits, and market your datasets for you.

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    Sign Up

    Sign our straightforward Listing Agreement and select the Terms of Use for your data.

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    Work with our team of data curation experts to best position, price and manage your dataset listings.

  3. 03


    Upload samples, data dictionaries, and other artifacts to help customers understand your offering.

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    When your data is licensed, our team works with you to upload and deliver the data securely to the customer.

We're Here to Help

You don't need to be an expert in government contracts and procurement - that's where we come in. We'll help you describe, price, and license your unique datasets in a way that's tailored for government customers.

Grist Mill Exchange is selective in choosing our data providers. Think your data would be a good fit? Reach out to us at to talk with our team!